My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Trgovac - “There's the guy to ask (about being a head coach) right there. He's been king before. I've never been king before.”
 Mike Trgovac - “If you can't get excited about this, you might as well leave the profession. This is the only way any of us know how to do it. All of us are in the same boat. I work the same hours as an assistant coach, as a coordinator. I'm sure John (Fox) worked the same hours as a coordinator as he does as a head coach. We kind of all leave out of here together a lot.”
 Mike Trgovac - “He keeps growing every year. There are certain times when Pep is going to have growing processes. It seems like early in the year he seems to get frustrated because everybody is bringing people to him.”
 Mike Trgovac - “I've always thought that if you do a good job people will notice you. I don't self promote myself or all that.”
 Mike Trgovac - “I see him one day a week. I saw him the other night. There's a flu bug going around. He jumped in bed with us then about three in the morning he started puking. There was not much sleep after that.”
 Mike Trgovac - “Bryant never said two words, but people watched him work, and that's the way he led. The worst thing you can do is make a guy who's not a vocal leader a vocal leader.”
 Mike Trgovac - “He doesn't get into the calls that I make. Sometimes he'll talk about certain situations ... but he doesn't mess with you much on game day. Sometimes, he will come up to you and say stuff. A lot of times I've already seen it, but he's making sure that I've seen it. It's the job of a head coach to do that. He doesn't leave any stone unturned.”
 Mike Trgovac - “Our safeties are interchangeable and it's not that big of a deal. I haven't finished talking to Mike and Colin. We don't have to make that decision today and we haven't made it yet.”
 Mike Trgovac - “What makes John a great head coach is he is very clear on what he wants and the direction he wants to go. Some guys have gray areas and some guys away from what they want to do and might not be a fan favorite type of deal. He doesn't sway at all from that. He knows what he wants and what he believes in, and that's the way we try to operate.”
 Mike Trgovac - “You just have to find ways to adapt to that. Mike's always been a good leader for us, and Dan's becoming a good leader for us, he's becoming more vocal out there.”