My Favorite Quotes
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 Pete Trgovich - “I was proud how my kids got a hand up on their shots and made it pretty difficult for them to work their offense and get any open looks. I thought we played very well, especially on the defensive end. It was definitely a complete game for us.”
 Pete Trgovich - “I'm going to miss all of our seniors, but will probably miss David the most. Chris Brown, another senior, sprained his ankle in the third quarter. We're hoping he can go Friday because he's been a key contributor for us.”
 Pete Trgovich - “Short is my favorite player. I'm his biggest fan, and he's just a pleasure to coach. Forget about the points -- did you see some of the passes he made”
 Pete Trgovich - “Their size makes it nice for them with the switching they do on defense. Obviously, they're very good defensively, and with their patience on offense, I do imagine we'll want a quicker tempo than them.”
 Pete Trgovich - “We had a great year and a lot of fun. It was difficult coming into the program in October and putting things together. I'm looking at this as a stepping stone. I'm going to miss the seniors to death, but I'm looking forward to next year.”
 Pete Trgovich - “We can be pretty good when he gets his teammates involved early on. When he tries to take a little bit too much on his shoulders, the rest of us tend to stand around and watch, but he is very good, and when he's in the open court, he's very dangerous.”
 Pete Trgovich - “I do the best I can. If that's not good enough, then I'll leave. That's always been my attitude.”