My Favorite Quotes
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 Joey Tribbiani - “We made plenty of mistakes to correct, but I thought the kids played really good.”
 Joey Tribbiani - “If you want to move a load today from Chicago to L.A., that load will spend half of its time in Chicago or L.A..”
 Joey Tribbiani - “I ran his plays this week, calling them by numbers, to make it easy for our defense. What I couldn't duplicate was the speed he's got over there.”
 Joey Tribbiani - “I've been places where you would have work days and a handful of people would show up. Here, you could come over here during two-a-days at 10 or 1030 at night, and you'd still have eight, nine or 10 people working.”
 Joey Tribbiani - “Getting that motel next door as much as anything is the story. Parking expansion is absolutely essential.”
 Joey Tribbiani - “If a test is (positive), then they obviously go in to the doctor to have further evaluation. If everything is fine, then you don't have to waste half a day going to the stupid doctor.”
 Joey Tribbiani - “The community at large has been very, very helpful for us. It's really shown what the Albany area can do when people have needs, and they've met most of those needs now.”
 Joey Tribbiani - “In this case, that business owner who called us let us know, and we immediately contacted the the Better Business Bureau so they could help us figure out what we should do about this.”
 Joey Tribbiani - “It's a situation where you do what they're giving you. We ran some play-action a little bit, because they were keeping a lot of guys in tight.”
 Joey Tribbiani - “With everything we look at, there is something about gambling that relates to America. Eventually, we would want regulations and controls because outside the U.S. is outside our ability to control.”