My Favorite Quotes
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 Sue Trinh - “The greatest challenges for the New Zealand dollar stem from a lack of upside in interest rates, a concession to slowing domestic growth.”
 Sue Trinh - “The market will be dominated by developments with Hurricane Rita. The dollar will remain relatively weak.”
 Sue Trinh - “The outlook for rates is to the downside on the basis of the slowing growth environment. Any view that the relatively high nominal interest rate structure will be enough to insulate the New Zealand dollar is dead wrong.”
 Nguyen Trinh - “We would like to thank (British tabloid) News of the World for helping us to detect Mr Glitter committing crime in Vietnam.”
 Nguyen Trinh - “We have enough evidence to charge him. There are several proofs of his crime. For example, the victims' confession, his landlord's testimony and checks on his computer and medical checkup of the victims.”