My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Trippi - “The last eight days are the most amazing eight days in the history of American politics.”
 Joe Trippi - “The rest of the campaigns kind of laughed at us and rolled their eyes and went, 'Yeah right.' Well I think today they're going, 'Oh, man,'”
 Joe Trippi - “The Yoga mom is the center of the megaphone today.”
 Joe Trippi - “Your efforts today were amazing and in my view historic.”
 Joe Trippi - “Look, we haven't won Iowa or New Hampshire, a vote hasn't been cast,”
 Joe Trippi - “That is probably unrealistic. But the possibility has veterans of the Internet and the world of real competitive politics worried. I'd hate to think, ... what Hitler could've done with the Internet.”
 Joe Trippi - “I moved here to get away from this stuff. For the first four or five years it was pretty peaceful, and then Cheney and Rumsfeld showed up.”
 Joe Trippi - “I told him Dean that he really had inspired me in Iowa about a year ago, ... Well, when you give something this much of your life and the sacrifices that you make, he really did and he still does inspire me.”
 Joe Trippi - “So to be talking to anybody about being vice president doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It doesn't make sense now.”
 Joe Trippi - “This type of ad represents everything that is wrong with our political process today -- polluting our airwaves with smears on other candidates that have nothing to do with legitimate policy differences,”
 Joe Trippi - “It is time to tell the whole story of who Howard Dean is and what he believes and what he has learned from people across the country that he has visited in the past year and what his vision is for the country.”
 Joe Trippi - “What drives me, really, is changing things, not accepting the conventional wisdom. I hate it when somebody says it can't be done. I know there are people saying Mfume can't win. But why Tell me why.”
 Joe Trippi - “I still believe Howard Dean's going to be the nominee, and I think he's the candidate who can change this country,”
 Joe Trippi - “I think the campaign has the money it needs to fight on,”
 Joe Trippi - “We have a national campaign, and running a national campaign is more expensive than running in just a couple of states.”
 Joe Trippi - “That's what Joe Trippi did. As the first manager of the presidential campaign of Howard Dean, he raised immense sums and also got people out of their homes and into the campaign -- all via the Internet. What you've got to do, is you have to have two-way communication, ... It's the bond, to be able to talk to each other about you, that is important.”
 Joe Trippi - “We need your help. Spread the word that the campaign is rolling.”
 Joe Trippi - “I suspect this is because they would rather attack than talk about why -- with a combined three-quarters of a century in Washington -- they have delivered few real results.”
 Joe Trippi - “It is a tight race, ... We believe we're still ahead. Our numbers show that.”