My Favorite Quotes
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 Larry Tripplett - “It just shows the heart of this team. No matter what, we're going to keep fighting.”
 Larry Tripplett - “I feel really comfortable, ... The benefits of preseason really helped me out. Montae (Reagor) was out (hurt). I had to step up and be a leader.”
 Larry Tripplett - “I really enjoyed it ... to come back home, get some Seattle weather, was nice to see.”
 Larry Tripplett - “Everybody on this team loves (coach Dungy). To see how he's handled himself over the past couple weeks, the type of character he has and the type of person he is, it's something. Few people are like that.”
 Larry Tripplett - “He means more to me than I can even speak about. I can't even put into words how he changed my life. He changed my life with the way he represents himself to his kids and to his family. He's a role model for the way I approach my kids and my family.”
 Larry Tripplett - “If you can make a team one-dimensional, it makes it a whole lot easier for you.”
 Larry Tripplett - “It was important for us to come out here and get a win. We wanted to get the win, especially at home. We are going to be at home for the next few weeks, so we wanted to make sure we had a good showing at home.”