My Favorite Quotes
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 Ryan Tritch - “The first time I realized it was a problem I was walking through the HUB and there was a map where people could write down where they had been sexually assaulted on or near campus. There were marks everywhere.”
 Ryan Tritch - “At some campuses, I know girls who can't go out a lot, or go out late, and feel safe. It think it's completely unfair and we hold women to a different set of standards.”
 Ryan Tritch - “It's become more personal to me. My girlfriend is a rape survivor -- two years this April.”
 Elaine Stritch - “This is for people who have dough. It's expensive. That's the way it is.”
 Elaine Stritch - “Marlon's going to school to learn the Method was like sending a tiger to jungle school.”
 Ryan Tritch - “Men have a lot of power to stop sexual assault and it doesn't make you less of a man.”
 Elaine Stritch - “Look at the company I'm in here. And I'm so glad none of them won.”
 Elaine Stritch - “The show is a study in stardom. Here is a performer who knows who she is, understands her gifts, and maximizes every moment on stage to give the audience the very best of her talent.”
 Ryan Tritch - “One hundred and five out of 107 reported rapes on campus last year were acquaintance rapes, with victims knowing the rapist for a year or more.”