My Favorite Quotes
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 John Trojanowski - “The opportunities are incredible. We're curing Alzheimer's in mice. That's called a proof-of-concept study that the drug companies would then take on to a clinical trial. They are investing. But there are many things that may work in Alzheimer's patients that don't have intellectual property or patentability.”
 John Trojanowski - “We want to cure this damn disease.”
 John Trojanowski - “There should be a public outcry. We are the richest nation, and we spend 2 billion per year on popcorn but only 700 million on Alzheimer's disease research from the National Institutes of Health.”
 John Trojanowski - “We should commit resources, as we did to conquer polio in the fifties. We could quadruple the Alzheimer's budget and not saturate all clinical trials and possible targets. If we don't there will be hell to pay in twenty years.”