My Favorite Quotes
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 Dylan Trombetta - “I went to a few of his games, tried it out, liked it, and stuck with it.”
 Mike Trombetta - “It's an excellent spot to be in. We've still got to prove it against the tough guys but, you know what I feel real confident about the hand that I hold going into the thing.”
 Dylan Trombetta - “Roller hockey helps a lot in just keeping you in shape for ice hockey. Roller hockey is more tiring. I think it's just the friction with the roller hockey wheels. It's harder to get going faster. So you get more tired out.”
 Mike Trombetta - “The best thing about this horse is he keeps surprising me, and I hope he's got a few more left.”
 Michael Trombetta - “All I can say is that we're here to win a race. Over half the 20-horse field can be considered potential winners. This is a real good field.”
 Mike Trombetta - “It was a trying time for all of us.”
 Michael Trombetta - “The Kentucky Derby is all about timing. This horse is getting right at the right time.”
 Michael Trombetta - “If he's going well in a few weeks, I would hope we would move on to Louisville. He showed today that he can do whatever we really want him to.”
 Michael Trombetta - “You kind of got to get behind him and just give him a gentle push into the gate. He won't walk up willingly on his own. He kind of balks at it a little bit. Once you get behind him and give him a little shove he moves forward and goes right where he's asked to.”
 Mike Trombetta - “The most exciting part of this is I'm going there with a serious contender that has earned a lot of respect and has a chance to win. It's a wonderful experience, for sure, but it's even more special because he's run fast and won a major race along the way.”
 Michael Trombetta - “He may go to the gate in the morning.”
 Michael Trombetta - “He did well, but we may bump up the time we go out in the morning because Ernesto said the track was cut up a little bit.”
 Michael Trombetta - “It definitely changed our strategy. We got a small Derby prep at Laurel, the Miracle Wood Stakes, or we probably wouldn't be here.”
 Dylan Trombetta - “I didn't really have any personal expectations coming into the year. I thought I'd play as much as the coach needed me, but I wasn't expecting this much ice time. I wasn't expecting to get as many opportunities as the sophomores, juniors and seniors.”
 Mike Trombetta - “If we have a crazy pace up front, I'd feel a little better if he was a little further back. He is able to carry his speed a considerable distance and he's pretty versatile. He kind of can do anything that he's asked.”
 Dylan Trombetta - “Sports like football get a lot of recognition. Even our football stadium gets recognition. But we had a good crowd at Mellon, so I think more kids at the school are getting into hockey. More of them are coming to games.”
 Michael Trombetta - “We're here to run, and I think we're going to run well. I've been trying to keep everything the same as it's been. With these horses, you have to travel, and they don't get to run in the same place too many times, so they have to learn to adapt. We try to take everything in stride, and we don't want to change the routine too much.”