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 Scott Trost - “In those games, we turned the ball over way too much. It wasn't so much what the other teams did as what we didn't do.”
 Scott Trost - “Matt has hit some big shots this year. He's a good shooter and a great free throw shooter. He's got a lot of guts.”
 Scott Trost - “We didn't turn the ball over. We made the extra pass. We limited them to one shot and our shot selection was good.”
 Scott Trost - “I've seen them on tape against Carthage. They are a good team. They're well coached. They like the transition game. They are very similar to North Central. I don't know if they have a dominant player like (Anthony) Simmons, but they have some really good players.”
 Scott Trost - “Adair is a really quality player who is tough to defend. And they have good shooters on the perimeter.”
 Scott Trost - “We wanted to go inside and we got them in foul trouble. We thought we executed pretty well for the most part.”
 Scott Trost - “The more you watch them, the more you are impressed with them. They are really, really solid fundamentally. It's five guys playing together, understanding their roles.”
 Scott Trost - “It's another opportunity. The kids should be excited. We're looking forward to a clean slate. We're starting over. It's a new season with 59 good teams.”
 Scott Trost - “They are very good. They put tremendous pressure on the ball and make it hard to enter your offense. We need to use our size advantage in a number of ways.”
 Scott Trost - “We had three or four possessions up two and we didn't score. That's the game. We couldn't make lay-ups, we didn't execute, we took bad shots.”
 Scott Trost - “They're the most athletic team we've played. We just didn't make a play when we needed to.”
 Scott Trost - “They are very good. It will be a totally different game. We have to adjust how we play. We are familiar with their style. It will be a game of turnovers. We have to put this one behind us and focus on Puget Sound.”
 Scott Trost - “It should be a whale of a game. Lawrence is very, very good. They play a system that's very hard to play against.”
 Scott Trost - “We got what we deserved. To start out like we did ... We didn't play well the first half, with no energy. We were a lot more aggressive the second half.”
 Scott Trost - “We've been waiting for one of these, hoping it would kick in. We wanted to play 40 minutes and we did. A lot of people doubted us, but there is a fine line between winning and losing.”
 Scott Trost - “They run a very good offense that's hard for us to defend. They are very disciplined. They shot the ball extremely well here. They defend you very well. It's a tough place to play. It's not going to be easy.”
 Scott Trost - “We'll go anywhere to play. I'm sure Lawrence will be a good host. We look forward to the opportunity. We're happy to be in. We're playing well.”
 Scott Trost - “The game plan was to stop Adair, obviously, and we did a poor job. That falls on me.”
 Scott Trost - “I give the kid credit.”
 Scott Trost - “We get up and down the floor. We've got some very good athletes for our level. We've got great size. We have the best point guard in the country.”
 Scott Trost - “He's had a fabulous career. His record is going to speak for itself. I've stated all along I think he's the best point guard in the country at this level.”
 Scott Trost - “I don't think you can think that way. The only thing we can control is to win. If we don't win, we're at the mercy of other teams losing or favorites winning (across the country).”
 Scott Trost - “Lawrence is a very good team. They are well coached. But it's a lot about us. If we continue to play like we've been playing, I like our chances. The kids understand the need to be consistent and focused mentally.”
 Scott Trost - “Fish hit some shots with confidence. I'm very proud of the way he played tonight. Fish will be the first one to tell you sometimes I'm not the easiest guy to play for. He hung in there and persevered.”
 Scott Trost - “This team should be very proud of what they have accomplished so far, but by no means should we be satisfied. We're one of four teams left with a chance to win the national championship. If we play like we're capable, we're capable of beating anybody. But there are three other really good teams there other than ourselves.”

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