My Favorite Quotes
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 Ally Stroup - “I was kind of by the 18-yard box. Mandy sent a really good ball to me, but I couldn't go with it. So I settled and turned. I saw an opening and took a shot.”
 Ally Stroup - “We're doing really well. We're keeping our possessions and having patience before taking a shot.”
 Ally Stroup - “On the last goal Mandy sent the ball over the defense to me. I shot and it bounced off the goalie. Everybody was fighting for it. Somehow I ended up with it and shot.”
 Mike Troup - “Late this summer we'll be going into union discussions. That contract expires Nov. 30, so we'll need to pull that stuff together. And then we've got budgets to work on. There's going to be quite a few key administrative things that the new director is going to have to deal with pretty much from the get-go.”
 Ally Stroup - “In the beginning of the season we did a good job of getting used to playing with each other. The Carroll College game was a blow, but we're bouncing back from that.”