My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Trovato - “Ryan only weighs 179 pounds and he's wrestling at 189 pounds, so most of the guys he is wrestling are bigger than him. Most of the guys he is wrestling are cutting weight to wrestle. For him to do what he did shows the type of heart he has. And he decided he would go 189 so his brother (Sean) could go 171. That shows you what type of person he is.”
 Tom Trovato - “Overall our guys wrestled pretty well. That is probably the best team in the South, and I thought we did well. This was a good springboard for next year because we are a fairly young team.”
 Tom Trovato - “He wrestled a great tournament. Obviously, you'd like to win a state title, but wrestling's a sport where anything can happen and sometimes it does happen.”
 Tom Trovato - “They're all tough there. At this level everybody's tough and you need a little bit of luck. He wrestled well, had a little bit of luck and I think it was a successful tournament for him.”
 Tom Trovato - “I think it was a great season for him. He will wrestle in college and this will be a building thing for him. I think he will be a better college wrestler than a high school wrestler.”