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 Gregg Troy - “The Volunteers are always really good at home, and they always race us tough. It is a pretty heated rivalry. We can't take them lightly.”
 Gregg Troy - “The most amazing thing is that he is the same beach boy as he was when he first came in. Success has not gone to his head one bit.”
 Gregg Troy - “I'm really proud of Caroline. With as much illness as she's had to come through this season, she did a really great job of standing up and racing.”
 Cowboy Troy - “The world famous Corn Palace. I've been waiting to get there for a long time.”
 Gregg Troy - “We qualified most of the people we wanted to for the NCAA meet. We felt like there were some disappointments today. We felt like we could have been closer on the guys' side. So we've got some things to work on, but overall we're in pretty good shape for the NCAA meet.”
 Gregg Troy - “That was a good way to end things. Today is our better day because we have some of our better people swimming.”
 Gregg Troy - “Ryan is certainly the best swimmer we've ever had at the University of Florida.”
 Gregg Troy - “I think it's a pretty good reflection of his training. To come off a big team meet like the NCAA championships and 10 days later travel to the other side of the world and swim this well is incredible.”
 Gregg Troy - “We had good swims today. We're ready to go, but we've got a little more in the tank than we have the last few years. While the women raced well today, the men raced even better.”
 Cowboy Troy - “It started as a party trick. And the trick got a little bigger and the people started getting bigger.”
 Cowboy Troy - “Man, I've had people for years tell me what I'm doing is ridiculous, and I shouldn't be doing it,”
 Cowboy Troy - “It's pretty cool, people really come out and support South Carolina. They are rabid fans, man, they really enjoy it.”
 Mike Troy - “The teams excited. They know that they won games in states last year and are looking forward to the opportunity to repeat that.”
 Gregg Troy - “You couldn't ask for a better role model.”
 Gregg Troy - “We are going to miss them, but the supporting cast is better because of them. They are just flat-out tough, day-to-day, and they did it with work ethic.”
 Cowboy Troy - “I come out in the middle of their set and kind of shift gears a little bit, ... and then the boys take back over.”
 Cowboy Troy - “I always thought to myself, 'Why should I appease you, Mr. So-and-So Why shouldn't I just be who I am and do what I do It doesn't really matter what I look like as long as the music is good,”
 Cowboy Troy - “I was working my way up through management so I could get my own store, ... Then they invited me to go out with them. It was a big deal that a lot of people wanted.”
 Gregg Troy - “I don't plan on being disappointed. We plan on being really good, and obviously we plan on winning.”
 Gregg Troy - “We had some good swims today. But it was pretty much a soft meet lineup today. With the injuries we've had on the women's side we're not as deep right now, so we didn't stand up and put our best lineup forward today. Tennessee has a good team though, and we knew they would race us tough.”
 Mike Troy - “Ryan Pauley was key for us. He made big shots when it counted. Playing without two players just increased the pressure to step up. I just enjoy watching Ryan play every time he steps on the court. He finds a way to win games for us.”
 Cowboy Troy - “Hick-hop is a combination of your traditional country instruments - the fiddle, banjo, the pedal steel guitar - and then I'm running off the mouth on top of all that, ... I just started doing it because I grew up singing to country music and rap and rock, and I combined all my favorite music together and came up with this.”
 Cowboy Troy - “People laugh about that old joke where country music songs are about getting your truck repossessed. Well, I did have my truck repossessed, ... I did leave a good job for a shot at stardom only to end up with a career in retail.”
 Gregg Troy - “We've improved in a lot of areas the past few weeks. So we saw some good things. We have 10 days now to understand that we're entering a new level of competition.”
 Gregg Troy - “Ryan is certainly the best swimmer we've ever had at the University of Florida. He holds the school record in both butterfly events, both individual medleys, both of the backstrokes. He's got the freestyle. He's on every relay and could probably hold a few more of our records. He just hasn't had a chance to swim the events.”

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