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 Marcus Trufant - “A sack and a good rush -- that's the best coverage you can have. When the guys are up there working hard, getting it done, it makes our lives a lot easier on the back.”
 Marcus Trufant - “I got a hand on it, but I didn't get enough of it. It was just one of those bang-bang plays, and he ended up making the play.”
 Marcus Trufant - “It's pretty tough. I'm very concerned about his health and I'm just hoping and praying that everything goes well.”
 Marcus Trufant - “Everybody is just concerned about his health. Not knowing what went on, everybody's just waiting to see how things pan out.”
 Marcus Trufant - “I couldn't even imagine living in a house like that. It had to be crazy.”
 Marcus Trufant - “I still see myself as a young player, still learning a lot and still have got a lot to learn. But still, every year, I get more comfortable. I don't feel like a coach yet, but it's getting there.”
 Marcus Trufant - “I still feel like I'm a young player, and I still feel like I have a lot to learn. But I feel like I'm getting more comfortable, and I'm getting better every year.”
 Marcus Trufant - “We're not worried about getting the big-time stuff in the papers and magazines. We're just trying to win ballgames.”
 Marcus Trufant - “It was a good play. A great call and at the right time.”
 Marcus Trufant - “It's been a long time coming, a long time since there was a big buzz going on, and we don't want it to stop here. Our fans have been great all year, and it's not a bandwagon thing. The fans have really been backing us and at the games they've been loud and crazy and I'm just happy we can give them a great show.”
 Marcus Trufant - “Kenny was fired up all game. He was a player-coach. He was on the field all the time. I thought he might get a penalty.”
 Marcus Trufant - “He's been doing this for a long time, and he's been doing it well.”
 Marcus Trufant - “It makes things a lot easier. That's the best coverage you can have right there. It doesn't give quarterbacks a lot of time to throw.”
 Marcus Trufant - “He said he's there for us, watching for us and praying for us the whole time. He's in everybody's hearts, and he'll be there in spirit with us at the game.”
 Marcus Trufant - “It was a team effort, everybody on defense slowing him down, everybody knowing where he is at all times and that's what it came down to.”
 Marcus Trufant - “He's one of those guys who's a big-play guy. You've got to know where he is at all times, regardless of which side he's on.”
 Marcus Trufant - “We talked about it the past two weeks. We knew that Randle El is an ex-quarterback, so we already knew they had a lot of trick plays up their sleeves. But they just got us on that one.”
 Marcus Trufant - “It was real tough to watch him going through that. I really felt for him. You never want to see somebody go through something like that. He's a real cool dude.”
 Marcus Trufant - “You are the last line of defense so anything that goes wrong on the back end usually results in six points. On the back end, pretty much, you've got to try and be perfect, and if you're not it's going to show.”
 Marcus Trufant - “It really hits home when you've got people down there and people's homes and their lives are changing forever.”
 Marcus Trufant - “It was very shaking. Anytime you lose a guy like that, in a situation like that, it's kind of rough for the team. Not a lot of people knew what was really going on.”
 Marcus Trufant - “Oh, yeah, you can see it Louisiana all over him. He likes his food and his music.”
 Marcus Trufant - “I think our fans are great. We're definitely going to miss the 12th man.”
 Marcus Trufant - “He's going to do everything he can to get the job done, whether that's blocking or going across the middle. Anything it takes, he's going to go out and try to do it because he's a big-time player.”
 Marcus Trufant - “Ken's in everybody's heart right now, ... But at the same time, we've got to focus in and make sure we get things done on the field.”

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