My Favorite Quotes
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 Connie Trujillo - “It helps a lot to have (Gomez's) support. Back then, I never thought I'd find happiness again, but I've found someone who accepts us and loves us and truly understands.”
 Temo Trujillo - “It's going to take some time. But you are going to see some special things on the track.”
 Val Trujillo - “Ronnie did a hell of a job today.”
 Val Trujillo - “The wind was blowing pretty hard, but these guys can't see the ball.”
 Connie Trujillo - “It was the hardest day of my life. I was an emotional wreck. What's made it harder over the years is that no one has paid for it. There's been no justice. Ten years is a long time to carry that with you.”
 Sol Trujillo - “We're going to be reducing the full-time-equivalent head count between 6,000 and 8,000 over the next three years and between 10,000 and 12,000 over a five year period of time.”
 Val Trujillo - “Jason did all right, but he tries to overpower people and ends up falling behind. Then he puts one right over the plate, and they knock the hell out of it.”
 Connie Trujillo - “She was confused. One of the questions she had was, 'Did someone go to jail for it' It hurt to tell her no. It's hard on her. She gets very emotional when we talk about her dad. She has a huge void in her life, but we try to keep his memory alive for her.”
 Val Trujillo - “The last two innings of the first game, we started hitting the ball. Before that, it didn't seem like we thought we could do it. I told these guys to hit the ball and make the other team make mistakes.”
 Sol Trujillo - “People will be able to access information and communication services on their terms. This is a new set of services that will finally make all these high-tech devices - PC, TV, telephone and fax machine - work together.”
 Temo Trujillo - “Both just live for track. They're dedicated. The kids feed off them. They are two of our leaders on this team.”
 Connie Trujillo - “With over 100 people there, someone had to see something. In some ways, I feel like (Perez) doesn't rest in peace because no one had to pay. Some of his best friends know who did it and haven't said anything.”
 Alex Trujillo - “I think what this brings is a real peace of mind.”
 Val Trujillo - “You've got to allow kids to be kids. Our discipline will get better I just wish we didn't have to play district games so early.”
 Val Trujillo - “We're gonna work them to death this week.”
 Sol Trujillo - “The financial trends at Telstra are not good. We've got a cost structure we can't afford.”
 Sol Trujillo - “We had an exciting quarter at US West. In addition to announcing our merger with Qwest, we've also announced quarterly results that show clear operational momentum.”
 Sol Trujillo - “The cost structure of this business is too high end of story.”
 Sol Trujillo - “We, U S West, are not allowed to be in the long-distance business today. But we wanted to make sure that we could bring the benefits of services of companies like Qwest to our customers.”
 Sol Trujillo - “Our top-line growth figures show that we are hitting on all cylinders through our growth initiatives and in our core business. And much of that top-line success is flowing to the bottom line, despite incurring higher-than-anticipated dilution from our growth initiatives. In short, as we near the finish line in our Qwest merger, we're continuing the transformation of U S West into a growth-oriented vehicle.”
 Sol Trujillo - “The recent deterioration in operating trends and our investment in transforming the business will see earnings fall in the near term.”
 Sol Trujillo - “The cost structure of this business is too high end of story.”
 Sol Trujillo - “Growth in our core business is solid, and our growth engines, related to wireless, data and Internet initiatives are truly accelerating in the most competitive spaces.”
 Val Trujillo - “Some of our kids don't even pay attention. I asked some of the kids in the dugout if they saw what happened on a play, and no one knew. You could give them a quiz at the end of an inning about what went on, and they'll get every question wrong.”