My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Tryon - “They're not only getting the Calaveras County sales tax, we're paying to improve their roads for them,”
 Tom Tryon - “The reality is, we can't sustain ourselves with property tax dollars because the state is taking so much money away from counties,”
 Thomas Tryon - “The inferior creatures groan under your cruelties. You hunt them for your pleasure, and overwork them for your covetousness, and kill them for your gluttony, and set them to fight one with another till they die, and count it a sport and a pleasure to behold them worry one another.”
 Tom Tryon - “We're just viewed as a bedroom community to service Tuolumne and Amador counties, and it does hurt,”
 Thomas Tryon - “Refrain at all times from such Foods as cannot be procured without violence and oppression.”
 Thomas Tryon - “For know that all the inferior Creatures when hurt do cry and send forth the complaints to their Maker or grand Fountain whence they proceeded.”
 Tom Tryon - “I am strongly in favor of agriculture, ... I view this as a watershed moment in that we can determine the future of ag and, in some ways, development.”
 Edward P. Tryon - “In answer to the question of why it happened, I offer the modest proposal that our Universe is simply one of those things which happen from time to time.”