My Favorite Quotes
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 Kurt Tsue - “There's no indication of these signs coming down any time soon.”
 Kurt Tsue - “Right now, the tides are taking it out. Should the wind change, it could come right back into shore.”
 Kurt Tsue - “The sun has played a really big role. It's really good news for us.”
 Kurt Tsue - “It looks like all around the bacteria levels are going down. Nature is repairing itself.”
 Kurt Tsue - “The Health Department is aware of the problem and they are continuing to work on a plan. We hope to release more information next week.”
 Kurt Tsue - “They are here, but they are very minor. They aren't high priority because they aren't known to transmit any disease.”
 Kurt Tsue - “It kind of seems that they're trying to make a bigger deal of it then it actually is as far as control issues.”
 Kurt Tsue - “They wanted to hold off on the results because they are confusing. Usually, the indicator bacteria are consistent with each other Either they're both up or they're both down.”