My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Tsujihara - “One of the most effective weapons for defeating online piracy is providing legal, easy-to-use alternatives.”
 Kevin Tsujihara - “By continuing to partner with local services, around the world, Warner Bros. is finding innovative ways to engage with the local culture.”
 Kevin Tsujihara - “Obviously it's a factor in the decision-making. Consumers are telling us through the usage patterns that we're seeing from piracy that they're looking for our content in this form. It's one thing for people to do it when it's free. It's another when we're asking them to pay for that content, but obviously there is a demand and a usage that's being done.”
 Kevin Tsujihara - “The piracy numbers have continued to climb in the U.S. and abroad. We have to create legitimate alternatives for consumers that want to download these movies.”
 Kevin Tsujihara - “We are fortunate to have someone in this role with Jim's unique credentials across both the communications and new media spaces. The mandate of our group is to maximize the opportunities for cross promotion across multiple platforms and distribution windows, as well as across our own business units. And, as a new business unit, it's crucial that we effectively and strategically communicate our messages to the press, our clients, consumers, retailers and adjacent industries. We'll look to Jim to lead our efforts in both of these important areas.”
 Kevin Tsujihara - “This is going to be a situation where we all try a bunch of different things because we are trying to figure out what is the right business model. It will take time to evolve.”
 Kevin Tsujihara - “Our initial efforts will focus on the German market, but in the months ahead we will leverage this technology to better serve markets around the world.”
 Kevin Tsujihara - “We are excited to be the first studio to deliver secure and legal download-to-own films through the Internet simultaneous with the film's DVD debut. This agreement provides Warner Bros. with yet another channel to deliver our movies directly to consumers' homes. By continuing to partner with local services around the world, Warner Bros. is finding innovative ways to engage with the local culture and community. Additionally, these solutions help us to combat piracy by providing high quality, affordable and legal downloads. We are committed to exploring cutting edge, digital delivery options around the globe.”