My Favorite Quotes
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 Tadashi Tsukaguchi - “There won't be any surprises from the Fed today and that means another quarter-point rate hike. We are expecting the market to be very quiet today until the Fed releases its statement and we get more direction on future rate moves.”
 Tadashi Tsukaguchi - “Even as the Fed is expected to raise rates tomorrow, it also means they are one step closer to the end of rate hikes and that is making Treasuries attractive to investors. We are looking for opportunities to buy Treasuries around yields of 4.75 percent.”
 Tadashi Tsukaguchi - “We see buying opportunities. On a purely yield basis, we prefer Treasuries over European bonds. The spread will continue to widen.”
 Tadashi Tsukaguchi - “The share of purchases from foreign investors, including central banks, may decrease as a narrow spread between short-and long-term notes makes it difficult to hold the bonds.”