My Favorite Quotes
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 Morgan Tsvangirai - “We do not want to put people deliberately in harm's way because of the current lack of accountability in government.”
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “We have absolutely no intention of abandoning the people when we have come to the closing hours of what has been a long and difficult journey toward democratic change,”
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “The people are now crying for peace and national healing,”
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “We arrived at the conclusion that the objective conditions do not exist for meaningful discussion because (Mugabe's party) ZANU-PF is embarking on mass retribution against our members in the rural areas.”
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “We want peace in this country and we want national healing,”
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “Mugabe has pushed his luck too far in terms of fighting the world. There's no way a country can live as an island and the fact that he's been defying both national and international opinion has had an effect on the general feelings within ZANU-PF,”
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “There are people in this country who have been killed, raped and assaulted and we're saying the government must take responsibility,”
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “After intense debate and discussion, whereupon the guiding question was whether we compromise with or take on the ZANU-PF dictatorship ... the council resolved to stay out of the ZANU-PF senate project,”
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “Zanu PF is preoccupied with establishing a Senate while ignoring critical national issues that need attention,”
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “We will not be party to any Caesarian operation by South Africa. We are not going to have short-cuts...and force issues on Zimbabweans.”
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “Given the current state of anarchy and lawlessness, we will also discuss whether something should be considered in the form of mass action.”
 Morgan Tsvangirai - “That paradigm shift involves the issue of building a democratic people's resistance movement and other options available democratically and that elections are not just exclusive to the achievement of that objective.”