My Favorite Quotes
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 Kostya Tszyu - “She is learning to be a good teacher. She is pushing me. Being a good teacher is about give and take.”
 Kostya Tszyu - “I was really very happy to see this from a young fighter who knew that he had a training session in the morning that was more important than anything else.”
 Kostya Tszyu - “I have learned lots of things and I know how not to make mistakes as a manager, ... I am positive they are not going to make the same mistakes I made.”
 Kostya Tszyu - “I think I have an advantage over some of the other competitors, because I perform live. I do remember the moves. But you know me. I try to be perfect and when I am not, I am pissed off with myself. I haven't been doing this for very long, so I can't be perfect straight away.”
 Kostya Tszyu - “I believe I did lose the (first) round, but it was a competitive one, not one-sided. He will remember our fight for the rest of his life and he still believes that if the referee had continued the fight it would have been a different result. Yes, I was caught in the middle of the (first) round but I came back in the latter part and I was always in control of myself.”
 Kostya Tszyu - “He is an aggressive young fighter. He came to try and prove something, which is good in some ways. I think he learned a lot from sparring with me. He got confidence knowing that if he can spar with me he is able to match it with anyone. He is strong, but he does not have full experience yet, but potentially, he is very good. He has great ambitions to go forward. With more experience, he will become more confident in himself as he learns new tricks. He needs to keep learning from each fight.”