My Favorite Quotes
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 Gary Tucker - “The things we're looking at are really the things constituents have been requesting for the future.”
 Mark Tucker - “All our businesses continued to grow strongly, with double-digit year-on-year percentage sales gains across the board.”
 Jacob Tucker - “I told all the fans I was going to get one tonight. I haven't had one in three games. I didn't think it would be that good.”
 Chris Tucker - “You just inspired me and my whole generation,”
 Mark Tucker - “The gentlemen was over on this side, the woman was talking to me from over on this side.”
 Tim Tucker - “Everyone says this girl is the real deal.”
 Darcy Tucker - “I feel terrible for him. It's not an impressive way to play the game when we give up all those scoring chances in the first 10 minutes.”
 Mark Tucker - “She didn't seem scared or threatened or give a plea for help like looking this way or that way, or saying, Help I'm being attacked or anything.”
 Wallace Tucker - “What was interesting this week was the breadth of different things that we saw. A huge range of objects that give off X-rays, from things relatively small like our sun to things that are larger than the entire galaxy.”
 Darcy Tucker - “We're going to keep fighting and give it our best shot.”
 Brian Tucker - “We have some goals for them and we'll see how they do.”
 Alando Tucker - “Those are crucial minutes. We wanted to get a good start because we didn't want this game to resemble the Milwaukee game.”
 Alando Tucker - “It feels good. Jeez, it's like lifting some weights up off your back.”
 Tanya Tucker - “Sixty-four years with the same dude I dont think so, ... Three years and youre out. I said itd be a good time, not a long time.”
 Darcy Tucker - “It's tough when you get to 90 points and don't get a playoff spot. We played some good hockey this year.”
 Darcy Tucker - “I'm not one bit worried about our hockey team. I think we have the guys in our dressing room to get the job done. We've gotten more healthy over the break and we have some guys having some good efforts in the Olympics who can provide something to the lineup that they're bringing to their hockey clubs over there.”
 Chris Tucker - “We can only comment on what we've seen, and what we've seen from the Chilean government is nothing at all.”
 Mark Tucker - “The group continues to have excellent prospects for profitable growth, and there is tremendous scope to deliver increasing value to shareholders.”
 Wallace Tucker - “It looks more like leapfrog growth to me.”
 Jonathan Tucker - “Terrorists are opportunistic. They apparently figured it would produce some toxic mess that would do some harm.”
 Ken Tucker - “I hate that way of judging a show. It's otherwise insulting to other TV shows.”
 Tom Tucker - “You can't manufacture the Purple Heart with a machine.”
 Darcy Tucker - “Those things happen in hockey. I have no ill will toward (Kovalev).”
 Darcy Tucker - “It's the game of hockey. He's playing hard for his team, I'm playing hard for my team, and things like that are going to happen.”
 Alando Tucker - “The main thing is we can't focus on what they're going through and hope we get a win out of taking advantage of that.”

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