My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Tuen - “It's a good start in the sense that they're more subdued type of offerings, so less pure speculation is involved.”
 Rod Nilsestuen - “Ingenuity will enable us to solve pollution problems, promote economic growth and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.”
 Steve Tuen - “California's problems bring these deals even more to the forefront. There are headlines of the rising price of heating your house. This will help ATP in the sense that they are leveraged on natural gas.”
 Steve Tuen - “They're both in same industry but in different line of work. ATP is affected more directly by oil and gas prices.”
 Steven Tuen - “For the most part, I think it's going to be difficult (for Internet funds) because they are all focusing on the same names like Cisco and Sun.”
 Steve Tuen - “The IPO market is still relatively weak. Next week there are no deals expected to price.”
 Steve Tuen - “The mindset has shifted from one of wild optimism to that of conservatism. The party is over and people are starting to sober up.”
 Rod Nilsestuen - “As electricity prices continue to rise in Wisconsin and the costs of renewable energy systems continue to fall, a growing number of the state's large farms are implementing anaerobic digestion to reduce their utility bills and improve the environmental performance on the farm.”
 Steve Tuen - “Investors were looking for direction and Yahoo was the catalyst to make them more optimistic.”
 Steven Tuen - “The expectations are built up so high that anything less than perfection will cause the stocks to fall.”
 Steve Tuen - “There is always going to be demand for electricity and the only problem for Orion is attracting consumers. This is not a high-risk type of venture like a software company.”
 Steve Tuen - “For the most part this really attracted income-oriented investors. Shamrock's business is relatively stable but there are some risks involved. The company depends on Ultramar and increased delivery of oil.”
 Rod Nilsestuen - “We have worked with a steering committee that represents organizations and stakeholders with a vested interest in this project. The committee members want to further the knowledge of the current technologies to reduce air emissions and odor levels in livestock operations. The Wisconsin DNR will also begin in 2007 to implement regulations related to air emissions from livestock operations.”
 Steven Tuen - “Short messaging services has been the driver of the growth for these companies and I'm not sure if the average investor realizes this. They see an Internet company that recently turned profitable and that's been enough ammo to bid the stocks higher.”
 Steven Tuen - “They need to strike more alliances with other portals so people will see their ads. This means their selling expenses will be high to pay for such deals and that's a huge risk.”
 Rod Nilsestuen - “These numbers are particularly noteworthy given the dislocation with markets closed to our livestock for a long period of time. Even when we hit a bump, our diverse agriculture enables us to rebound.”