My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Tufts - “It was a pretty good hockey game, but those two quick goals in the third - thats when they took it away from us. If we could have kept it 2-1 after two it could have been a different game.”
 Jim Tufts - “I thought their goalie was outstanding.”
 Jim Tufts - “I thought Spaulding played well. We were fortunate to get a win out of it.”
 Jim Tufts - “There were some guys who earned their varsity spurs today.”
 Jim Tufts - “Against Salem we got behind, but we didn't give up and got better as the game went on. And today we continued to get better. There were some guys who earned their varsity spurs today.”
 Jarod Tufts - “We're not complacent, but we have an extreme sense of confidence in our status for the transition. We're fairly confident that there aren't going to be many problems.”
 Jarod Tufts - “The facilities departments will have command centers set up at both the North and South sites. It will be the primary responsibility of these facilities' command centers to monitor utilities and other external entities and their possible effects on continued and safe operations at MSA.”
 Jarod Tufts - “For the administrators who dial in from California, yeah, I'm concerned, but in many cases I didn't have much choice. I'll take what I can get, but we have backups on-site, and they can be talked through dealing with those systems. We're filling in creatively where we can.”
 Jarod Tufts - “Without proper communication, people will wonder why they're left in the dark, and assume the worst.”