My Favorite Quotes
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 Diane Tuller - “We've been struggling with that lately. Every once in a while, we'll lose focus and give the other team momentum.”
 Diane Tuller - “The first two games were the best we've passed all year. Everything was right to the setter. In the third game, all of a sudden we lost our focus. Airport did a good job coming back. They were digging up everything and then they started tipping on us. It seemed like they hit the same spot seven times in a row.”
 Craig Stuller - “You not playing condo canyon golf. We're out in the Arkansas River Valley. We don't require carts, and we encourage you to walk. It's truly a walk in a woods.”
 Diane Tuller - “I asked around yesterday, but I don't know anything about them. I know they have a pretty good record. I don't think we can take anybody lightly right now.”
 Craig Stuller - “People coming from sea level love it up here. It seems like a mile high is where the break off is for the effects of altitude. That's where the deer turn into elk. We have nothing but elk up here.”
 Craig Stuller - “We're not sure whose idea this was, but if you live at 10,000 feet and spend your days underground, building a golf course probably seemed like a great idea.”
 Craig Stuller - “They have great courses in other places, but only because they steal our ideas.”
 Diane Tuller - “She's only going to get better. I don't like taking her off the court.”
 Diane Tuller - “She's a team player. She goes for everything and puts it all out on the floor. I hate to take her off the court, but we have some strong defenders and we have to play to our strengths.”
 Diane Tuller - “We have as good a shot as anybody. We just have to get focused on the court, not the arena.”
 Diane Tuller - “She's sees the court well and moves the ball around. She's a great floor leader.”
 Diane Tuller - “I'm very proud of them. They haven't given up all year. We just needed that second game. That was a big factor. I don't know if we thought we've got this under control and lost focus, but they just kept coming at us. They just had a better day than us.”
 Diane Tuller - “This was a key match for us because the kids need to realize that this is a team, that they can still play and that we have more than one or two key players who can control the game.”
 Diane Tuller - “We had an up and down day. For our first day of competition and against the competition we had, I was pretty pleased. This is a good tournament for us because we can see how many more areas we need to work on.”
 Diane Tuller - “I asked Brandi's mom if there were some things we had to watch out for. Brandi is very good about looking out for herself. There was one time at camp that her mom brought in some emergency insulin.”
 Diane Tuller - “I don't pay any attention to that (rankings). I like being ignored and staying under the radar.”
 Diane Tuller - “We spread the attack out well. We've got a lot of good hitters and we try to set them all.”
 Diane Tuller - “We're a young team with only two seniors on the court. Quite frankly, all year we've been struggling with making mistakes. I knew we had the ability to get to state, but I didn't know about our mental ability.”