My Favorite Quotes
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 Lou Tully - “She's a dominating player at the the 2-meter position. She a great outside shooter and she gives a good presence at that spot.”
 Susan Tully - “I don't think a city should ever be involved in helping to find employment for illegal aliens.”
 Susan Tully - “I truly believe the tide is turning. Next year, you are going to see more legislation that is going to cut funding to illegal aliens.”
 Susan Tully - “You can say it's a federal problem all you want, but the truth is it's in your backyard so the problem's yours.”
 John Tully - “a tremendous opportunity for teachers to re-connect with what made them become history teachers.”
 John Tully - “There's no doubt it will save money and miles on the cars,”
 Lou Tully - “We played probably our best game of the season against Cal. They're 6 in the country. I thought we played very well. We were with them all the way. We did not turn the ball over as much as we have been doing. That was a big goal of ours to reduce our turnovers. We felt the team came together quite well in the morning.”
 John Tully - “If it gets out of our control and that is not the case, then so be it.”
 John Tully - “They are very talented, but we're going to give our guys a few days off to get some rest and just be college kids,”
 Susan Tully - “Lawmakers should never be in the business of helping lawbreakers,”
 Susan Tully - “In-state tuition is a benefit for citizens. These students would be getting a taxpayer benefit at the expense of citizens.”
 Brock Tully - “When I say beautiful things, I'm not necessarily living them when I live them, the beautiful thing is that words aren't necessary.”