My Favorite Quotes
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 Aydin Tuncer - “When some kind of major hiccup occurs in the U.S. market, these companies will be the first to take a hit. These companies are 1 percent of the electronic commerce industry right now. They're a small piece of the pie they're all trying to get a slice of.”
 Aydin Tuncer - “All these companies are signing new deals. They're all doing the right things. If you said two years ago that these companies would be large market caps, people would laugh at you.”
 Aydin Tuncer - “When AOL announces a rate hike, it's leveraging its customer base. They have the multiple e-mail accounts and user lists, which makes it difficult for people to switch services.”
 Aydin Tuncer - “It's a potentially huge market, but it's not a developed market. Telecom companies in the U.S. are bullish on China. They've been ahead of schedule for equipment manufacturing. But I don't know about the near term. China is still laying down phone lines.”