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 Marty Turco - “(We're) doing the little things to win hockey games. Tonight was a great job by all the guys. We need to do that whether we're scoring goals or not.”
 Marty Turco - “Those goals were big. That gave us the edge to come out on top.”
 Marty Turco - “Some guys might not like the deal, but you know what It's a great deal, ... It's what it should be for the good of the game. I'm a hockey fan, first and foremost, and this will help us grow the game and reach another level.”
 Marty Turco - “I think inspiration was at its peak tonight just based on being down 0-3 and knowing that we could be doing a lot better.”
 Dave Turco - “With them in a 1-3-1, we thought we had the advantage on the low block and the kids executed. Sean, Darrell and Kenny really played well on the inside.”
 Marty Turco - “Its been a long time coming, ... It felt really good to be out there with the guys in that atmosphere.”
 Marty Turco - “It's been a long time coming. It felt really good to be out there with the guys in that atmosphere.”
 Marty Turco - “You play it one game, one shift at a time.”
 Marty Turco - “It's going to be a big three days. It comes just in time to take one quick step back next week. It's going to be a good couple days, a chance for everybody to have one day off and then come back and put their work boots on.”
 Marty Turco - “But looking back, we can point to that time in our season. We came together a little bit.”
 Marty Turco - “Its been a long time coming, ... It felt really good to be out there with the guys in that atmosphere.”
 Marty Turco - “I don't have to look at the films, ... I have a film playing in my head all of the time.”
 Dave Turco - “We finally put one together. This was the first time this season we really executed our sets.”
 Marty Turco - “The teams we're scheduled to play are playing well, so they're great challenges for us, and I do like this kind of mini-series here. We haven't lost sight of what we need to do, getting ready for the playoffs. We know it's not going to start tomorrow, but we also know we can be as ready as possible. That's all you can do.”
 Marty Turco - “We can feel sorry for ourselves or we can put the work boots on and understand the situation and the reality of it all.”
 Marty Turco - “Somebody told me they were glad that we were back, and I told them I was glad that they were back, ... And I meant it. I had a great time. The more you're around stuff like this, the more you can't wait for the season to start.”
 Marty Turco - “On the ice, it's not a big deal. We're just worried about the chances of it getting worse. Right now, I don't see it.”
 Marty Turco - “They haven't been as good as they should be for this organization.”
 Marty Turco - “When it comes down to it, the opportunity to win here is at its highest level. That's what I was looking for.”
 Marty Turco - “They're fun, a great challenge. We've been fortunate all year. That opportunity to get that win is right in front of you.”
 Dave Turco - “Sean, in my opinion, is the best player in the county.”
 Bob Turco - “Never in my wildest dreams did I think winning 24 games and getting to play in this environment was possible. We set the number of 17 as our main goal because that was the school record for wins. But what these kids accomplished is a tribute to them.”
 Marty Turco - “To me, it's just another win. I mean, it's big because this is a team we're chasing. But, no, that's no big deal beating Detroit. To me, it was just a matter of time.”
 Marty Turco - “There's nothing really that I'd do differently. But you just have to make those saves at that time -- especially short-handed.”
 Marty Turco - “That's an instinct play that I won't ever hesitate to make.”

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