My Favorite Quotes
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 Craig Turek - “Our last two games we've shot the ball a lot better. We're starting to jell as a team.”
 Robi Turek - “Most of the time, we have bake sales and garage sales to raise funds. Most of the time, our fund-raisers net us 3,000 to 5,000, so to get 225,000 is huge.”
 Craig Turek - “I've been there many times since I've been to Buckeye. We've lost by a total of 21 points in games this season.”
 Craig Turek - “On long rebounds, we didn't box out well and they out-hustled us at times. Once they had a feel they were in the game -- if you let a team in the game, in the fourth quarter, it can come back to bite you and that's what happened today.”
 Robi Turek - “Before that, it operated out of two old homes in Conroe. It's been under a few different names over the years.”
 Craig Turek - “This is the best we've executed offensively all season. The guards did a nice job of getting the ball into the post, and the post players did a nice job of getting position and giving the guards the opportunity. It kind of goes hand-in-hand.”
 Craig Turek - “They shot well in the first half against our zone. When we changed to that man-to-man in the second half, we controlled their three-point attempts. They didn't make any in the second half. Maybe I should have gone to that a little sooner.”
 David Turek - “While that's not a majority, it certainly is a substantially greater amount than any of the other players on that list.”
 Craig Turek - “That was the best game of the year for Emi. I think she's grown up a little bit. She led the team in scoring, but we need more than that. This (loss) is a hard one to swallow.”
 Robi Turek - “The parents are so happy, you wouldn't believe. These kids are thrilled to move out. One kid already has his suitcase packed. They're just thrilled as any other kid would be to move out on their own.”
 Craig Turek - “To her credit, she hit both foul shots.”
 Craig Turek - “She's a good kid. I hope she has great success up there and I believe she will do it. She didn't just score, she would take over the boards. And besides that, she could run the floor and handle the ball coming up the court in pressure situations.”
 David Turek - “This is as fast as this will get under the contract we have, but it's not limited to be only this fast. If Livermore were to have an interest in taking it bigger, we could do that.”
 David Turek - “We are very committed to the supercomputing business at large, as evidenced by the fact that today we have something in the order of 145 of the top 500 supercomputers in the world.”
 Robi Turek - “It's what the plan was to begin with. It was our long-term plan all along. It's been a long-term need in the area for a while.”
 David Turek - “Advances at the upper reaches of high performance computing such as these often find powerful applications in the broad spectrum of government, industrial and commercial arenas. IBM 's close working relationship with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has resulted in another significant achievement with the potential to improve the lives of people everywhere.”
 David Turek - “The real story sitting in the background is about this explosion of data. The fact of the matter is that we haven't really addressed the ability to feed these progressively faster computers.”