My Favorite Quotes
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 Ronny Turiaf - “you can come back from heart surgery.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “I want to be back tomorrow.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “I feel good. I am just trying to work hard, stay in shape, and I cannot wait until I feel like I did before.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “Right now it's just times 100. You play for the best organization and you play with great guys that make spectacular plays.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “My expectation is to practice hard. I'm back to being a freshman in college. I'll make those guys' life a little bit tough in practice. I want to go out there and do the dirty work.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “He should go pro I hope he does. There's nothing else he has to do right now in college. He's done everything he could. He has a chance to be a top-five pick why stay in college I don't know, it's his decision.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “He's awesome. First and foremost, he's a great person and a great teammate. He's very supportive when I get down on myself. (All of our veterans) have been successful professionals for a long time. I tell you, even if you had success in college, you have to listen to them.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “We don't really care about the seeding. We're just trying to play hard, ... We just try to look at ourselves and don't worry about the seed we've got. We're focused on ourselves and what we can do, who we are.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “It was hell, the toughest thing in my life. My rib was cracked open, I could not play basketball I could not do anything by myself for months.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “I think I'm like the Chad Johnson of basketball.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “I'm feeling great. I'm feeling fantastic. I'm alive, ... I'm working out every day. I'm just doing everything I can to be on the basketball court, so I'm doing good.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “But I am confident and determined to show everyone that a player can come back from a heart operation. I will play basketball again.”
 Ronny Turiaf - “My body was asking me to play basketball, but for now I don't run and I don't shoot,”