My Favorite Quotes
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 Hedo Turkoglu - “We didn't have a realistic shot a few weeks ago. But if you look at it now, we're a few games behind.”
 Hedo Turkoglu - “My teammates know if they are going to use Raja Bell and Eddie House on me, it's a mismatch and they are gonna get me the ball.”
 Hedo Turkoglu - “I don't want to get hurt. And I don't want to hurt the team either. Hopefully we both will do well.”
 Hedo Turkoglu - “I was feeling good, but it was teamwork that made it happen tonight. We helped each other all night. We executed well, we knew who was hot, we just put it all together.”
 Hedo Turkoglu - “We really played great during our streak, and it's a good memory. I'd like to make it up next year from the beginning. Even though we were eliminated from the playoffs, we didn't give up. We battled until the end and had a chance in the end, but I blew it. I should've made the free throw and we would've had nine in a row.”
 Hedo Turkoglu - “Those games are going to be playoff-caliber games. By the time that comes it's going to be really deciding - who's going to make it and who's not.”
 Hedo Turkoglu - “We're just taking it game by game. We're not thinking, you know, tonight if you do this you make the playoffs, if you do that you make the playoffs.”
 Hedo Turkoglu - “It's what we needed. Winning this kind of big game, building our confidence. Building a team for next year is going to be really huge. If you look at it, we beat Dallas and now Detroit.”
 Hedo Turkoglu - “Wins like this are just what we need. Winning big games is helping us build confidence, and it's going to help us build a better team for next year.”
 Hedo Turkoglu - “Steve Francis was out and they were doing a good job against Dwight Howard , so I had to take over and do something to help. My teammates and coach kept giving me the ball at the end and had confidence in me and it's really nice. I'm just happy to be in that role.”
 Hedo Turkoglu - “Winning these kind of big games is really gaining us a lot of confidence and building a team for next year that's going to be huge.”
 Hedo Turkoglu - “We were sluggish a bit at the end. They had a run and we came back. The important thing is that we know how to close a game. We got the 'W', that's a blessing for us, especially with this kind of game.”