My Favorite Quotes
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 Stan Twardy - “If over the past few weeks, the Department of Justice has already been picking up individual cooperators, we could see a wave of indictments.”
 Stan Twardy - “Any case that goes to a jury, you don't know what is going to happen until they come back.”
 Bill Twardy - “Any time we go against Mahopac, it's always a great match no matter what our prior records are. This year, we've got a particularly tough team.”
 Stanley Twardy - “I'm surprised. This is probably the first time that the defense of 'I didn't know' denials has worked for a former chairman or CEO. This may be the first time that the Sergeant Schultz defense has worked.”
 Stanley Twardy - “It's unlikely the prosecutors would walk away.”
 Bill Twardy - “I'm absolutely thrilled. This is a great group of kids and some great newcomers. They put it all together - they all work hard and we have depth. They all made a concerted effort and put together a wonderful season. And it's not over yet.”
 Stan Twardy - “They were alleged to have been involved in a massive fraud. The fact that Duncan is cooperating with the government will make it very difficult.”
 Stan Twardy - “It's a victory but not an unexpected one. Failure to let Andersen's prior history in would have been a huge defeat.”
 Bill Twardy - “This is the first time we've won the Beacon tournament. There's always a lot of good competition, a great field (16 schools). In 9 of 15 weight classes we placed in the top four. We have kids who can place, we have a lot of depth, and the entire team racks up points. I'm very pleased, this is the best team we've had since 1998, and possibly the best ever.”
 Bill Twardy - “I have to be happy with that. It's the best Carmel has ever done at sectionals, and we finished ahead of powerhouses like North Rockland, Suffern and New Rochelle. Mahopac is a very good team. But our guys did a very nice job.”