My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Twomey - “What these companies give in contributions is just a pennies-on-the-dollar investment compared with what they get from the Legislature and Public Service Commission in terms of favorable legislation and rulings.”
 Michael Twomey - “If for some reason we hit the jackpot and (the federal government) decides to pay everything, then we'll refund that amount with interest to the customers.”
 John Twomey - “We're more trading off of earnings. Investors will be able to tolerate continued moderate inflation as long as earnings continue to accelerate.”
 Paul Twomey - “The top line is that we now have a way to insure that any new service insures the security and the stability of the Internet.”
 Mike Twomey - “We thought that it would be an outcome that all five county commissioners could probably put their arms around.”
 John Twomey - “We have seen people who have done only one brushing of their teeth with water out of the tap and within six to eight hours they are violently ill,”
 Michael Twomey - “That's the thing. Under normal circumstances, because we are the provider all the way around the site, you couldn't have a third party come in and provide electricity in an area where we serve.”
 John Twomey - “I read the manual on snake bites this morning,”
 John Twomey - “None of these numbers here are outside the realm of the policy forecasts that the Fed chairman was talking about yesterday, and the market's kind of saying that.”
 Michael Twomey - “The real issue Is the Louisiana Public Service Commission going to make the company wait one or two years to recover these dollars.”
 Michael Twomey - “I'm stunned that at this point they would now seek to prevent the company from recovering the monies it spent to restore power after the storms.”
 Michael Twomey - “We're pleased to be working closely with companies such as LatiNode and Qualmax as we introduce the IMG 1010 to the market, ... LatiNode recognizes the true value of technology, which allows the company to take full advantage of the IMG 1010's robust feature set. As a result, LatiNode will rapidly capitalize on VoIP growth opportunities.”
 Paul Twomey - “It was impossible to get sufficient time for consideration by the Government Advisory Committee members and therefore the board, the chairman decided to postpone the consideration.”
 Mike Twomey - “To me, the law was clear before -- that what they did was contrary to what they are allowed to do. They are not supposed to take anything of value from the utilities.”
 Mike Twomey - “We need to make the storm reserve not biggest year of damage but average. It's too much money on top of everything else.”
 Paul Twomey - “If the Internet had been developed in Australia, I don't think we would have had so much heat on this discussion.”
 John Twomey - “The animals down here are totally traumatized, ... Even their own dogs and cats are turning on people.”
 Paul Twomey - “First of all, the agreement has not threatened the security and stability of the core operations of the Internet. For users, nothing is going to change from the present situation. This is very good because untried models, which had been discussed, could have been destabilizing.”
 Paul Twomey - “this is a framework and an agreement that will ensure no more ... unilateral controversial introduction of registry services.”