My Favorite Quotes
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 Renaud Vabres - “I hope that the companies which have contributed in the past will continue to do so, because it is a beacon internationally.”
 Renaud Vabres - “This is a magnificent initiative because it is very important to build and enlarge the links between Americans and Europeans, ... Through cultural and artistic links, people can discover one another's attractions.”
 Renaud Vabres - “The digital format permits coding the work itself so that you can decide to distribute it for free or for remuneration. This gives liberty to the creators.”
 Renaud Vabres - “Jazz in New Orleans - that's what the world loves.”
 Renaud Vabres - “The specter of prison for a young Internet user does not seem to me terribly intelligent. We want to punish software publishers who make money ripping off millions of works.”
 Renaud Vabres - “At a time when we French are in doubt about our future, our identity, and our capacity to conserve our influence and our appeal, this is a major coup,”
 Renaud Vabres - “We attach very, very, very, very much importance to open source software. In this nation we consider artistic and scientific creation key, so we want to protect small companies that create and service open-source software.”
 Renaud Vabres - “We are no longer the black sheep on this issue. Europe is united on this. It shares the values that we have defended.”
 Renaud Vabres - “On France's part, this is more than a gesture, ... It's an attitude that demonstrates that we are solid allies and friends.”
 Renaud Vabres - “I am impatient to see the explosion of competing new ways music will be sold online. Competition between fixed-price sales, subscription services and prepaid cards will animate marketing and advertising to drive more and more people to legal music sites.”