My Favorite Quotes
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 Adam Vaccari - “He took me down right off the bat and I battled back. I tried to throw at the end to take the lead, but he took me down and got some back points. Every match you have to be tougher. I made one bad move, but battled back.”
 Adam Vaccari - “My goal was (to finish in the) top three. But after I found out the strength of this weight class, getting fifth . . .that's a good weekend and I'm not ashamed at all.”
 Adam Vaccari - “It's nice to be going (to state) with those guys. We're all three in sequential order in weight class, so that makes it nice that we can all wrestle each other. Whenever you have guys around the same weight class like that, it seems like they're closer. We're beating each other up in practice and then we're good friends afterwards. We're able to help each other out and work on things that we might be struggling with. It's nice to have guys you're close with going down there with you.”
 Adam Vaccari - “I really am looking forward to that. I have nothing to lose. He's the three-time state champion, and he's the guy with everything riding on him. I can just go out there and wrestle.”
 Adam Vaccari - “This year I'm just going to go after everybody for the entire match. I'm just focusing on staying in their face and being tough. When I was a freshman and people were in my face, I didn't like it and I didn't really want to go against those guys. That's the way I want to be this year.”
 Adam Vaccari - “The top three. I want to be in the top three of the state -- that's my main goal. I just think it's going to be who wants it more and who works harder. There's not much separating everybody at the state level. You have to win the close ones and be tougher.”
 Adam Vaccari - “I want to be a state finalist at 140. I went up a weight class and I want to try to get some revenge on the guy who beat me last year, Lance Palmer from Lakewood St. Edward. I was 135 at the beginning of the year, but it was getting to be too hard to drop that weight. Since I've been at 140 I haven't lost yet. All three of my losses were at 135.”
 Adam Vaccari - “It's hard after losing one match to come back through all the way, but somebody's got to get there.”
 Adam Vaccari - “J.T.'s really impressed me. His district tournament was the best he's wrestled all year. His toughness and his ability to win the close matches has really impressed me. He's my drill partner, so that's really been making both of us better all year.”