My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Vachon - “We've seen teams with strong inside games, and we've seen teams with strong outside games. They have both, and we haven't seen that, so we can't emphasize anywhere.”
 Paul Vachon - “I thought Kristi did a great job. She showed what kind of gutsy kid she is. She realizes now she can come back. You can't ask for a better heart or effort.”
 Paul Vachon - “Everything I asked him to do he would do double. He wanted to learn as much as he could and he would put in a lot of time. I really didn't want to give him any recommendations (for head coaching jobs) because he was a tremendous asset to our program.”
 Christine Vachon - “I like to hear myself as someone who has a lot of money. There are times when we've had difficult relationships with financiers, and thing 'we won't work with them again...”
 Paul Vachon - “We played soft (defense) early on and that was mostly my fault. I didn't want to get Cassie (Cooper) and Rachael (Mack) in foul trouble.”
 Christine Vachon - “it feels like a victory.”
 Christine Vachon - “People have certain memories that they hold very dear, so you want to remain true to them.”
 Paul Vachon - “If you give them open looks, they don't miss. But if you have someone there, and especially with Paradis because she shoots from the hip, it's going to be a little tougher than if they're open.”
 Paul Vachon - “I'm very proud of the way they came back. Bangor's a good team and we were able to make them to some different things in the second half.”
 Paul Vachon - “At the beginning of the year everybody was blowing by her. She's had to learn how to play people and how to stop people. She's done that.”
 Paul Vachon - “We worked extremely hard. I think they wanted it for their teammates. This was the best game we've played all year. There's no doubt in my mind.”
 Christine Vachon - “In the face of it, it feels in some ways like financiers appetites for risk, whether they be equity or foreign sales based or North American distributors, have gotten even smaller. ... And there are some of our early movies in which I wonder how the hell we'd get them made today, and somehow we do. The biggest challenge is that they are execution dependent -- in order for them to work they have to be great and they have to be made as well as you can possibly make them.”
 Paul Vachon - “This is about as close as we are. When we can get to the middle of the court together, then we can become a team.”
 Christine Vachon - “You could say we've come full circle. Now there's all kinds of excuses to control what people see. It's getting scarier and scarier.”
 Paul Vachon - “That, I think, is a contract for life. I hope he never leaves. He has the same basic philosophy as I do and that is building the fundamentals.”
 Paul Vachon - “You give them open looks, they don't miss. Now (White's) got all the confidence in the world. Confidence is 95 percent of it. She took them and she hit them. You want to let us shoot it, we'll shoot it.”
 Christine Vachon - “Look at 'Bettie Page', that was the classic movie that we had in development forever. I think it pre-dated Killer Films, we made something that is enormously fresh and fun and exactly what the director wanted, and that feels amazing.”
 Paul Vachon - “Last year was an exceptional team (in terms of chemistry), but we had been together for two years. This team is brand new. The parts were all there. You were just hoping that the parts would come together and learn their roles. I didn't expect it this soon. I expected it hopefully more next year. But it came together a lot quicker than anticipated.”
 Christine Vachon - “Still, she adds, I'll sit down with a director for the first time, and he'll say afterwards, 'God, I was so afraid. I heard you were so mean, and you're so nice. ... But I'm not always nice.”