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 Robert Vaden - “Most of the games I started at the three, but I played like 30 minutes at the power forward spot.”
 Robert Vaden - “I feel like this a lot after games. Sometimes we win games and we haven't done everything we need to do. That can be a good thing, as long as we reach our full potential.”
 Robert Vaden - “Those are two big games for us trying to get to the tournament. We need both of those wins to get in.”
 Robert Vaden - “I love him with all my heart. I'm sure he loves me forever. You've just got to move on.”
 Robert Vaden - “(Graham) Brown was late getting to me. I just lined it up and hit it.”
 Robert Vaden - “I thought we were about a No. 7 or a No. 8. But a No. 6 is a good seed for us. We are going to Utah, and it looks like we got a good draw.”
 Robert Vaden - “I knew time was running down. I jumped up and shot it, and I knew it was going in.”
 Robert Vaden - “He works hard every time he gets in their. Every time he gets in, he does something good. He gave us a big spark tonight.”
 Robert Vaden - “I think he's similar to (Daniel) Horton, from Michigan. He plays like him. I know he's going to take a lot of tough shots. You've got to be there to contest, don't give him any open looks. He's a scorer, and a big-time player in his conference. We have to go out there and try to contain him.”
 Robert Vaden - “Oh yeah, I'm playing. It's day-to-day, but hopefully I'll be back on Thursday. It feels pretty good. After the game I couldn't walk, but (yesterday) I can walk so that's pretty good.”
 Robert Vaden - “Right now, my confidence is higher than it has ever been. (The basket) seems like it's as big as the ocean. I was just throwing it up and it was going in.”
 Robert Vaden - “They've got the Player of the Year in their conference, Heath, and a good big man down low in Slaughter. We feel we have a good draw. Things are set up good for us. I think we can go out there and make some noise. A lot of noise.”
 Robert Vaden - “My coach is leaving and that wasn't the only reason, but that was a very big reason why I came here. I don't think it would be best for me to stay here. I think it would be best for me to weigh my options and look elsewhere. I try not to think about all of these things right now. We've got a season that we're still playing, we're trying to make the (NCAA) tournament, and that's all I'm worried about.”
 Robert Vaden - “Hopefully he can get a job, and if he goes somewhere that's good enough for me, I'll be there with him.. I'm trying not to think about all these things right now. We've got a season we're still playing in and we're trying to make it to the (NCAA) tournament. That's all I'm worried about.”
 Robert Vaden - “I know D.J. (White) feels the same way I don't know about the others. I try not to think about all those things right now. We have a season that we're still playing, and we're trying to make it to the (NCAA) Tournament.”
 Robert Vaden - “I think of myself as a player that needs to come through in tough moments. If nobody wants to have the ball in their hands, then I'll go get it. That's the way I think and play. I am more than willing to step up and make a play.”
 Robert Vaden - “This is a talented team and we can't leave anyone open. We need to make it tough for them to guard us, and then do the best we can on slowing them down.”
 Robert Vaden - “I don't know if Davis knows this, but my father passed away last summer. He became a father figure to me, and I love him like one.”
 Robert Vaden - “I'm sure he knows this, but my father passed away this summer and (Davis is) like a father figure to me. I love him with all my heart, and I'm sure he loves me as well.”
 Robert Vaden - “I'm playing. I just need to do the treatments and listen to the medical people and try to get back on my feet as quickly as I can. I'm really proud of our team right now and that we're seeing that our hard work the last few weeks really paid off.”
 Robert Vaden - “I'll make that decision in the next couple of weeks, but right now I'm just concentrating on my studies and finishing everything out.”
 Robert Vaden - “This wasn't a real difficult decision. I knew in my heart that I wanted to play for coach Davis and that's what I'm going to do.”
 Robert Vaden - “Feeling pretty good. I shot around on it today. I did some defensive slides. I was guarding D.J. full court. I brought the ball up against him, and it felt pretty good when I was going up.”
 Robert Vaden - “The last couple days in practice we've looked like we looked when we were ranked No. 8 in the country, 11th in the country. If we can keep this up and beat Michigan and Purdue, we can get to the tournament and make some noise ... That's our whole goal.”
 Robert Vaden - “We just prepare in practice as if we're facing the best team in the country.”

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