My Favorite Quotes
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 Andrea Valadez - “They definitely told me right off the bat I was still a big part of the team. They made sure to tell me (good things). We just needed to work together and get back on the ball. They definitely made me feel I was still a part of this team. I never felt like I'd be left on the bench.”
 Andrea Valadez - “I had two surgeries after the season was over. I had a nagging knee injury. I tore the sheath away from my left quad. I had surgery on my left wrist. I was trying to play through it. I was a little bit disappointed.”
 Andrea Valadez - “The one chance I got to play them down there we didn't do well at all. But we did play well against them when they came up here. It's a bum ride, I didn't get to play any of my senior year back in California. But that's not something I could control. But we do play at Arizona, that's close enough for my family to drive to.”
 Andrea Valadez - “Plus, I've had six surgeries and I have one more to go with my arm. They had to put a plate and screws in last time. My body can't really handle it anymore. And academics need to take priority.”