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 Richard Valdez - “It was very tough to decide, but it was good to know I had so many options.”
 Shane Valdez - “It was a good tournament, especially for some of the guys like Zach and Shane. This is the first year for them to try and break out and become solid varsity wrestlers.”
 Shane Valdez - “This is a good tournament, especially for our younger kids. We should have a lot of qualifiers.”
 Shane Valdez - “Luke is extremely hard to score on. He's got good solid takedowns, he's solid on top and he's very hard to take down.”
 Shane Valdez - “If Zach gets to his feet, I think he takes the kid down and they go to overtime. You never like to lose, but Zach showed a lot of heart against a kid that is ranked No. 2 in the state and he learned a lot. Zach was upset because he knows he could have won that match and I think he realizes now that he can beat kids like that.”
 Carlos Valdez - “It's a hunting accident, and unless something happens ... . We don't think there is any reason to believe it's anything other than a hunting accident.”
 Carlos Valdez - “I find it amazing, the coverage and interest in this (story), but it feeds on itself. I think it was completely mishandled by (Cheney) and by his staff.”
 Shane Valdez - “I thought Luke wrestled great. Lucas is solid and Luke pretty much handled him. He's right where we want him to be going into state - healthy, confident and feeling strong.”
 Steve Valdez - “That time frame is based on our best estimates of being able to get the real estate, even if we have to do eminent domain. But who knows at this point in time”
 Shane Valdez - “I know Zach has been coughing, but the thing is, you've got to wrestle the way you are. Nobody cares about excuses this time of year. You just have to get it done, and I don't think Zach let that bring him down. He was ready for that match.”
 Shane Valdez - “I think that's the first time since I've been here that we had everyone qualify.”
 Shane Valdez - “The week before league he asked if he could wrestle at 173 pounds and go varsity, and here he is going to the section tournament now. He's wrestling light. He only weighed in at 166, 167 ... but he looked awesome today.”
 Daniel Valdez - “We had some key players that were out. They got them back and they have made a difference. They are beating teams that they had trouble beating earlier this year.”
 Chris Valdez - “We got out to a big lead and then we kind of got in foul trouble.”
 Richard Valdez - “I went back to school simply because it was a weak job market. I was betting that it would recover by the time I got out.”
 Luis Valdez - “Cesar knew how to work, and he knew how to get things done. Throughout his life he showed how important it is to turn negative experiences into positives.”
 Shane Valdez - “We were definitely happy. It's always good to come home with two medalists, so we're proud of them. They've put in a lot of work the last five years, and it's paid off.”
 Chris Valdez - “Derek did his job. He hit some big shots. He had a pretty good night.”
 Daniel Valdez - “The one line that connects it all is the theme of myth and resurrection.”
 Daniel Valdez - “It's a play with music. A play with a lot of music.”
 Shane Valdez - “They are great kids who have worked very, very hard. They are examples of what we try to preach as coaches, that if you set some goals, set your mind to it and work hard, you can accomplish anything.”
 Jeff Valdez - “Young Hispanics are consuming media in English, regardless of what they speak at home.”
 Ismael Valdez - “Obviously, when you keep the ball up in this ballpark, you can see the kind of damage they can make. I was cruising for the first two innings and I lost it. That was the game right there.”
 Luis Valdez - “We still have two (vying for regional). That'll be cool (if both Alexander and United can make it to regional).”
 Shane Valdez - “Our goal is always to make it to state. Winning here is a nice bonus, but you could finish sixth here and still win state.”

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