My Favorite Quotes
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 Florentino Valencia - “Every time we play, Blevins battles hard. Every time we play he is very physical under the basket. I don't expect anything less from him.”
 Florentino Valencia - “It's been a struggle for us all year. We came on at the right time. We've been underdogs for a long time. We're going to prove everybody wrong.”
 Anthony Valencia - “For a number of years, people have talked about the convergence of media and technology and it's never quite really intersected to the degree that people thought it would. He's a visionary. He is somebody who is uniquely able to meld the two camps.”
 Florentino Valencia - “I'm very disappointed the coaches have been on us. I am very disappointed because we're coming out too sluggish. We have to come out with some type of energy. We got to make some changes around. I'm not denying anything, including myself. I gotta give more to the team as far as coming and bringing the energy.”
 Florentino Valencia - “They just made the plays, we got to tip our hats to them. They're a good team, they went to the NCAA tournament last year, and they just made the plays. There is not one particular play Ohio made, they made plays all around.”
 Anthony Valencia - “Steve is a visionary in technology, and Disney is very focused on technology. But I don't think there is anybody at Disney who is a technology visionary. There is a fit.”
 Anthony Valencia - “Historically, you have lot of great content minds at Disney and Viacom and all the media conglomerates. But there's also been a big hesitation to try new things, and there's been a lot of inertia at the big media companies. One thing I don't think anyone has accused Steve Jobs of is inertia.”
 Anthony Valencia - “He knows the media side of the business and is a technology visionary. And at a time when after hearing about convergence of technology and the media for so long, the two are completely and entirely intertwined.”
 Florentino Valencia - “We've been fighting through adversity all year. We're accustomed to fighting adversity.”