My Favorite Quotes
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 Tony Valeri - “We're not running scared at all. What you're going to see over the next days and weeks is an agenda that's in the House--opposition parties can decide whether they want to support the agenda or not. This government will be putting things into the House to demonstrate that we're governing and ultimately the opposition parties will, I hope, participate in that and look to deliver things on behalf of Canadians.”
 Tony Valeri - “We're focused on keeping the House open, not shutting it down, ... It's the opposition that seems to be focused on shutting it down and dragging Canadians back to the polls.”
 Tony Valeri - “But the Liberals are sticking to their guns. We're here to make this Parliament work for Canadians, ... and keep the prime minister's commitment to Canadians.”
 Tony Valeri - “The government will not be out there declaring initiatives of confidence when they're not, ... We'll be very clear and very consistent in our approach. But our intention is to govern.”
 Tony Valeri - “Mr. Hill characterizes 69 bills being introduced in the House from the period of Oct. 24, 2004 to June 20, 2005, which received Royal Assent as a skimpy agenda. We've sustained over 40 votes of confidence. We passed legislation to implement the fundamental forms of equalization. We passed legislation on civil marriage. We passed legislation and implemented a new deal for cities, the offshore accords--I mean, that was not a skimpy agenda that we've just gone through and presented to the House. Now, this fall we're going to build on that agenda,”
 Tony Valeri - “He also said the House will be busy with legislation and committee business. There will be a very full agenda and the committees will be very busy, ... I think if Members come back to this session, looking to work on behalf of Canadians instead of, as the Conservatives continue to indicate, looking for an opportunity to defeat the government, if they, in fact, focus on working on behalf of Canadians and making this Parliament work, there's lots on the agenda. There's lots of legislation to pass and we certainly look forward to that.”
 Tony Valeri - “The Pacific Gateway initiative is very important for the country when we talk about the changing economic border where China and India are becoming much more dominant, ... Canada is very strategically positioned when we look at the west and the ability to move trade through our country. A Gateway strategy right across this country is going to be an important initiative.”