My Favorite Quotes
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 Alex Vallecillo - “People were too optimistic. This stock will experience some weakness like the others have in recent weeks.”
 Alex Vallecillo - “This doesn't change the size of the pie that people are fighting for. It just makes it more likely that Microsoft will get a bigger chunk of it without the government interfering.”
 Alex Vallecillo - “The biggest problem is that you have reluctant sellers. There has not been enough pain yet.”
 Alex Vallecillo - “I find it a little bit comical that Microsoft is going with the lower number, which I applaud, and yet the analysts still want to stick to the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, higher pro forma number.”
 Alex Vallecillo - “It's profit taking. The market loves to do that. Good news hits the tape and investors sell into it.”
 Alex Vallecillo - “AMD should keep flash memory for the diversification benefits of it. Flash memory gives AMD something to talk about when the microprocessors results are weak.”
 Alex Vallecillo - “It's good that management is not going into a shell and saying they want to preserve cash for the rainiest of rainy days since it is already rainy.”
 Alex Vallecillo - “On paper, marrying content with distribution makes a lot of sense but in reality it's been a tough nut to crack.”
 Alex Vallecillo - “This is the same company that reported strong cell-phone order numbers on the surface last year this time and then managed to come out about a quarter later and say there was too much inventory out there.”
 Alex Vallecillo - “There's no question that the more chip stocks go down, the more they should look appealing. But with that said, I don't think you can go in here and buy things left and right and be bailed out by the cycle anytime in the near-term.”
 Alex Vallecillo - “The growth outlook for Microsoft is very muted. To a large extent it's unexciting. They've been paddling really hard to create new avenues of growth but they're limited by the personal computer side of their business.”
 Alex Vallecillo - “Guys like me are probably going to take a little bit of a wait-and-see attitude.”