My Favorite Quotes
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 Julie Vallese - “What is good for an adult may not be good for a child. The agency is really looking into whether or not smoke alarms can be more effective for a broader percentage of the population.”
 Julie Vallese - “They are small but powerful and a true hazard. If these magnets come together in your system, they can cause a serious injury.”
 Julie Vallese - “It was a sense of urgency from the agency to get a warning and information to people who already had purchased it. We could have waited. We could have had every aspect of this investigation done. And during that period of time something else could have happened to another child.”
 Julie Vallese - “What the rule proposes to do is limit the spread and intensity of a mattress fire, which would give people more time to escape from their homes.”
 Julie Vallese - “We take the company's word for it at the onset, but through our investigation we'll have to look or prove whether this product is better.”
 Julie Vallese - “Retailers who are unaware that the product has been banned for sale should remove it from store shelves, and parents should take them away from children.”