My Favorite Quotes
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 Frankie Valli - “They were pretty mobbed up, ... It was like the real-life 'Sopranos.'”
 Frankie Valli - “You can take the guy out of the neighorhood but you can't take the neighborhood out of the guy.”
 Frankie Valli - “Jazz was my first love.”
 Frankie Valli - “I'm not doing contemporary songs unless something comes along that really knocks my socks off.”
 Robert Chiaravalli - “But oftentimes what happens is there's not enough thought given to those deadlines.”
 Frankie Valli - “He was an easy guy to love but hard to understand.”
 Robert Chiaravalli - “Several elections ago, there was a group called New Directions. Even when we've had turmoil in the industry where it may have caused waves among union politics, generally speaking the union has followed their leadership.”
 Frankie Valli - “I spent many a summer early morning with the radio very low, half sleeping and half listening.”
 Rob Valli - “If we can develop our young players as quickly as we would like to, we feel we can make a run at the Atlantic 10 Tournament.”
 Roberto Cavalli - “I love clothes and fashion more than music,”
 Roberto Cavalli - “a wonderful girl ... her personality and energy are part of her style. Her body is beautiful, very feminine. I love to dress women like her.”
 Rob Valli - “The good thing about college baseball is that you can come out and play the next day. That's just the nature of our sport. You know that everyday is a new day, and we felt that we had a good chance to take two out of three today.”
 Roberto Cavalli - “While he followed his mother's lead into fashion, his appreciation for fine art hasn't waned, and, if he had the time, he'd still be painting. For now, he settles for taking snapshots with his digital camera. I don't take big panoramic pictures, ... I pay attention to detail. I take (photographs of) rose petals, the veins of leaves and tiny animals like ladybugs.”
 Robert Chiaravalli - “I think they could probably get a very good labor agreement here that would allow them to control their costs, ensure productivity and eliminate their fears over flexibility.”