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 Ville Valo - “So basically, I think music at its best can be everything. It can be totally stupid and very intellectual and emotional at the same time. I don't think all those things shut each other out.”
 Ville Valo - “Music for me is an emotional thing and it really does make me happy. It's not a tool for me to get fame or see my face in the papers or anything like that. It's about the fact that I really do enjoy it.”
 Ville Valo - “I think if we keep on doing good music and people like us and they buy the magazine because we are in the magazine then they cant basically hate us hopefully.”
 Ville Valo - “I love hearts. They are symbols for life, love and humanity.”
 Ville Valo - “I like to listen to mellow stuff on the road like Travis, as we are constantly surrounded by rock music on tour and so its nice listening to mellow stuff. Obviously back at home I listen to a lot more rock music.”
 Ville Valo - “I'm living my dream right now. I get to make music, perform and travel.”
 Ville Valo - “I love Johnny Cash but I don't love country music that much.”
 Ville Valo - “It's like that with what sort of ideas people outside of the band have of HIM. They all see it through a different lens as well which is beautiful. Hopefully, it makes it an endless topic of conversation.”
 Ville Valo - “I've got asthma. When I was 17 I forgot to take my medication and was taken to a hospital for almost two weeks. After that I've taken better care of my illness.”
 Ville Valo - “Los Angeles and New York are the big centers of the music industry worldwide so of course it can be hard for newcomers who don't know what to expect from the music business.”
 Ville Valo - “I have a big heart and a small brain.”
 Ville Valo - “Art is always criticized and always an outsider gets the blame.”
 Ville Valo - “We're trying to have the band create something beautiful that hopefully one day, 20 years from now, can be picked up by a kid and hopefully have the same effect that Neil Young had on me, or Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath.”
 George Chuvalo - “It was good entertainment, ... But watching it through a fighter's eyes, I saw things. Crowe doesn't have a fighter's build. His neck's too thin. His chin, he was putting it right out there to be hit. Some of his moves, his balance. A lot of his punches he was throwing out the window. But, look, it was okay, it was okay.”
 Ville Valo - “Some genres I'm not a huge fan of but there are always exceptions that break the rules. There are always a few people doing it in a way weird enough to grab my attention.”

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