My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff VanArsdel - “He gets more confident each and every game. He runs the floor well and from an offensive perspective he has some moves. He's had four or five games in a row scoring big points for us.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “I have no idea at this point.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “We like our opportunity to put multiple people on the floor who can score. It was Brian and Christian's night. They hit shots. Maybe it will be somebody else on Friday, or it might be them. Hopefully that is a strength of this team.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “Each game is going to be competitive. A break here or there will make a difference in the game.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “The Harrison school community is a great place. I've had a lot of great players and some great coaches, and I have a wonderful family that allows me to be away from home a lot.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “Free throw shooting was really bad. Since Christmas, we've improved a lot. We have been around 70 percent since Christmas, but tonight we were not very good from the free throw line.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “The senior class in the area was very strong. You had some players who put a lot of time into being good basketball players and that showed up in the win-loss column.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “Because we had transition baskets like that, it is kind of why we got sloppy. We were trying to make every play into a transition basket instead of playing solid basketball at certain times.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “We're not a very good basketball team. We're very poor right now, and until we make a decision to mentally concentrate for 32 minutes, we'll be average at best.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “Early on, we had a real difficult time attacking their defense. We were standing around. We just didn't attack them. We were standing around waiting for things to happen. They're athletic and they're long and we were leaving our guards out to dry. We changed things a bit and we started getting more aggressive.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “It was just about decision-making. We discussed the fact that alcohol is an illegal thing at their age. We're trying to convince them to make better decisions.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “That is always a concern, but it is a close-knit group. Jordan and Derek practiced with us every day. Our other players understand their ability levels. Hopefully it is not an issue, but you never know.”
 Jeff VanArsdel - “Christian always had ability to score. As he's gotten comfortable his scoring average has gone up.”