My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Vance - “This is a person who is going to achieve bigger things in the future. She will be on the ballot one of these days.”
 Patricia Vance - “Congratulations for selling a lot of violent video games, I didn't sell them, sir. I just rated them.”
 Paul Vance - “I have no idea what would motivate anybody to hurt a guy like this.”
 Cyrus Vance - “My proposal to re-establish diplomatic relations - not necessarily friendly relations, but diplomatic relations - is a sensible, simple, and straightforward approach that will finally get us off dead center.”
 John Vance - “I had a good time and decided to come back and work with him again.”
 Chris Vance - “Sims did terribly badly (Tuesday). I think this is the most competitive county executive's race we've had in a long, long time.”
 Cyrus Vance - “In short, the time has come for us as American and Iranian citizens to apply our mutual energy, intellect, and goodwill toward strengthening relations between our two countries, as their destinies are intertwined.”
 Lauren Vance - “Against Brown, we know what's on the line the Ivy League title.”
 Lauren Vance - “I think today was the big day. I think we really realized that we needed to come out in the first half.”
 John Vance - “It's dangerous to put inexperienced people in some of these positions. Today, five years' experience is a really knowledgeable hand. A lot of the older hands have retired. A lot of the old oil field is gone.”
 Cmdr. Vance - “It's one of those situations where it really impressed me. We had two people that nearly had lost their lives. Something like this you see on a TV show.”
 John Vance - “I think for the most part this would be a very good idea - it will give her a sense of security. However, when would a female consider herself particularly at risk In my opinion, she could be at risk anytime.”
 Cmdr. Vance - “It was cold and raining Saturday night.”
 Paul Vance - “We're very, very shocked. This was a nice guy, a wonderful guy. You couldn't ask for a better neighbor.”
 Lauren Vance - “I want him to learn to appreciate music. This was a last minute thing we decided to do just for the enjoyment of it.”
 Chris Vance - “Sims should be very worried this morning,”
 John Vance - “I found out about it driving to work at 630AM Monday morning, ... When I saw the detour signs, I knew something was amiss.”
 Cyrus Vance - “Vance's Rule of 2 12 Any military project will take twice as long as planned, cost twice as much, and produce only half of what is wanted.”
 John Vance - “There were a lot of workers who were exposed to some pretty nasty stuff. We are moving as quickly as we can to make as many decisions as we can.”
 Chris Vance - “I would say gently and respectfully, they need to make up their minds. They need to fish or cut bait,”
 Cyrus Vance - “You have to listen to adversaries and keep looking for that point beyond which it's against their interests to keep on disagreeing or fighting.”
 Cmdr. Vance - “I think he's 100 percent accurate and it's a problem we have in downtown Jackson. We need to come up with a comprehensive plan as to how we are going to deal with homelessness in the city of Jackson, and in downtown in particular.”
 Patricia Vance - “We are very encouraged that as awareness and use among parents continue to rise to historic levels, trust in the ratings as a reliable source for determining which games are appropriate for their families continues to increase, as well.”
 Mayor Vance - “If you don't take some time to dream, then you never have a vision.”
 Chris Vance - “The process has worked extremely well and Republicans support it. When the Legislature drew the lines, there was nothing but lawsuits, acrimony and delay.”

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