My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff VandeLoo - “Sometimes I just sat back and thought, 'This is incredible.' I don't know if it can ever be duplicated. The record might be duplicated, but this team can never, ever be duplicated.”
 Jeff VandeLoo - “I thought their guards played really well. (Cotton) is an excellent shooter and he demonstrated that today. He played within himself in their offense without forcing things. He's a very, very good offensive player.”
 Jeff VandeLoo - “A number of people have talked about the pressure on this team during the season and we have truly enjoyed the motto of living by the day and never talked bout our record or where we're rated in the state. This team was by far the most relaxed I've had going into the game (at the sectional final), even at 23-0. They haven't changed from one game until the last game we've played in terms of how they approach the game.”
 Jeff VandeLoo - “He is incredible. I have never been around a kid like A.J. The maturity and the unselfishness is phenomenal.”
 Jeff VandeLoo - “We've been pretty consistent. We've played pretty well all year without having a lot of peaks and valleys, which has been encouraging.”
 Jeff VandeLoo - “The way King played us defensively, it was obvious how they felt about Adam. I don't think you focus a defense like that unless a guy is a big-time stud.”