My Favorite Quotes
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 Bill Vandenberg - “It was astounding. It wasn't the professional activist class it was grass-roots people who heard about it on TV and radio.”
 Bobbi Vandenberg - “She's a great player. I think she's underrated and as far as I'm concerned, she's one of the best players in the conference. She's in the top four. I think she's the best player on their team. She's a terrific allaround player. She hurt us everywhere.”
 Bobbi Vandenberg - “They have to understand what it took and they finally are starting to do that. Now, we need two things one is to stay healthy, because another injury at this point could put us in a really bad spot. The other is we need our freshmen to stop making freshman mistakes. Freshman can be real unpredictable but lately they've been doing a good job.”
 Bill Vandenberg - “I would like to think that Denver voters were smart. To vote for a massive new courthouse and jail because someone is popular is shortsighted.”
 Bobbi Vandenberg - “Anne is playing with confidence, and that comes from how hard she's worked. She has so much versatility and she's also unselfish and willing to give up the ball in a double- or triple-team. She doesn't always read it perfectly, but she's willing to make the passes.”
 Bobbi Vandenberg - “In terms of sticking with the game plan and doing what needed to be done, we did a nice job. But in the second half, Grand View had too much muscle and was too experienced.”
 Bill Vandenberg - “We were stunned by the outpouring for the rally. It's an emerging civil rights movement. We're at a turning point in Colorado.”
 Bobbi Vandenberg - “Up to that point, we played some of our best basketball of the season.”
 Bobbi Vandenberg - “Her parents told me about (the attack) a few days later it was the strangest thing. We kind of hope it was helping her out.”
 John H. Vandenberg - “You are challenged to avoid mediocrity, acquire knowledge from the sages of antiquity, the achievements of the scientific present, and the prophets of the living God. Isaiah once spoke as follows, In an acceptable time have I heard thee, and in a day of salvation have I helped thee ... Isaiah 498.”
 Arthur H. Vandenberg - “It is less important to redistribute wealth than it is to redistribute opportunity.”