My Favorite Quotes
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 Kelly Vanderbeek - “I knew at the start gate that Francois Bourque was fourth and there is a part of me that said 'I don't want to be fourth, I'm going to give everything I have,' and I came fourth.”
 Kelly Vanderbeek - “It's huge. To have a gold medal already, it's a very big deal. Here we go. Let's keep it going.”
 Kelly Vanderbeek - “I was trying to hold the race line and I went full speed just to see how the course skis today.”
 Jeffrey Vanderbeek - “We took some huge steps forward in the first two days, so we needed to memorialize a lot of that to paper. We're continuing to talk so we can understand where we are both coming from.”
 Jeffrey Vanderbeek - “Was this harder than I imagined Yes. I guess the devil was in the details. But they say that nothing that's any good ever comes easy. Now we look forward to Oct. 8, 2007, when our fans will come to Newark and watch the Devils play in a world-class setting.”
 Kelly Vanderbeek - “I'm happy but devastated at the same time. The disappointment really hit when I watched the girls on the podium and heard the national anthem. This gives me a lot of motivation for the next races and the upcoming ski racing seasons. 2010 still seems far for now but I'm definitely motivated for skiing at my best in Vancouver.”
 Jeffrey Vanderbeek - “Some franchises might have doubled in value since the labor contract was signed, though not all.”
 Jeffrey Vanderbeek - “Let this definitive and final agreement leave no doubt that the New Jersey Devils will start the '07-'08 season at this world-class, state-of-the-art facility. This means the Devils are satisfied that the city of Newark will fulfill its obligations.”